Schneider Electric Opening

Schneider Electric Opening Schneider Electric Opening

Celebrated the French firm Schneider Electric, a global competent in the management of energy, the first training center for energy solutions in Palestine, based in the industrial city in the Hendazh south of Bethlehem, in the presence of the French Consul General in Jerusalem, Frederick Desagno, and Executive Vice President of the company in Central Europe Mark Koloreir, Dr. Omar Katana Authority chief Palestinian Energy, and Dr. Samir Hazboun President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Governorate of Bethlehem, and a large number of representatives of institutions and the public and the civil and the private sector, the business, to be first at the local and global, which opens based in the industrial city in the multidisciplinary area of Bethlehem.

The Kourular in his speech during the opening of the company's offices, "This project is considered as the cornerstone for the definition of the Palestinian market by the innovative energy and effective," adding, "We are in the Schneider seek to support the local economy and improve the productivity and optimal use of energy in the core areas in the Palestinian market, such as water and wastewater, renewable energy sources, as well as industrial plants, public utilities and infrastructure, and construction.

He explained that the responsibility for Schneider, stems from the "As global experts in the field of energy management, which requires us to promote the use of energy-efficient solutions to professionals and students," emphasizing that "Schneider Electric pay attention to the domestic economy and high energy."

He noted that the courses of engineering and panel discussions will target the Palestinian professionals, will be signed cooperation agreements with many local universities such as the University Polytechnic of Palestine ", and revealed that" in the early stages will be trained in a number of engineers and students by specialists from Schneider Electric, the next step include the preparation of trainers local, are helping to guide and train students and other engineers. "

Kourular added that "courses are designed so as to provide a high level of expertise Pttrgaha things to apply the standards of efficiency, safe and reliable, in addition to providing great energy, and commitment to the policy of the company's own environmental protection, and preservation."

And that "this project is the basis for developing the local economy, as well as to install the company's presence in the Palestinian market, has been building a network of local partners in the energy sector in Palestine, and we look forward to a doubling in the next phase," adding that "Schneider Electric aspires to be a leader in area of energy management in Palestine, as in other countries. "

In turn, the French Consul, Mr. Frederick Desagno, "The opening of the office of Schneider here, the promotion of the economy of Bethlehem, Palestine in general and enhance the partnership the French Palestinian in the economic field," adding that this is opening an office in Palestine confirms the strength of the relationship Palestinian French, a part of the cooperation and economic support for the Palestinian National Authority. "

Katana and the transfer of the greetings of Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad, to attend, and officials of the company, saying: "The Palestinian government attaches great importance to the private sector and is working to encourage investment in Palestine in general."

He added that the existence of a global company operating in the energy sector in Palestine, would be developed from the energy sector in the country dramatically, and serves companies operating in the homeland and citizens. "

He noted Dr. Hazboun "The existence of a global company operating in Palestine, opens a wide scope for investment in Palestine, and specifically in the new industrial zone in the city of Bethlehem, especially as the company Schneider is the first company to open an office in the industrial area - Hendazh.

He added that Schneider will work to strengthen the investment climate in the city of Bethlehem, hoping to follow many of the world the example of Schneider, the opening of branches in Palestine, "which helps to create jobs, promote development in the Palestinian territories, and the reduction of unemployment.

The center solutions, Schneider Electric has trained more than twenty engineers locally during the last few days, and focused training on the compression technology is the medium of electricity, and end being made for a number of courses in technology, voltage low, in the twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth of the month.

It is noteworthy that the company "Schneider Electric" French was founded in 1836, engaged in the vital areas of energy and integrated solutions, from the information center industry, and industry, and the energy sector, infrastructure, real estate, commercial and residential sector. The "Schneider Electric" French numerous solutions for homes and small enterprises, and the average citizen can see products, "Schneider Electric" in several keys and electrical panels for their homes.

The distribution company, "Schneider Electric" in a hundred countries around the world, and its staff includes more than 110,000 employees, have had access to the volume of sales of 20 billion euros in 2010, through a commitment to effective in helping individuals and institutions to make the most of their energy consumption.

He states that, with reference to the expectations of Aconomix Oxford (Oxford Economics), within the next twenty years will be economies of developing countries, 70% of GDP growth and 80% of capital expenditures. At the same time will increase the demand for energy is high and is expected in these markets. It will be for "Schneider Electric" an active role in the economy in the world and the Middle East