General Framework

The overall objective of the Project is to support and contribut to the growth of the Palestinian economy in a sustainable way, offering new jobs, high quality professional training and reducing unemployment. 

A Multidisciplinary Industrial Park is established in the southern outskirts of Bethlehem. BMIP Ltd The Bethlehem Multidisciplinary Industrial Park Ltd. (BMIP), was created in June 2009 to implement the Project.  The Bethlehem Industrial Estate is a French-Palestinian "Public Private Partnership" project which will be developed by the BMIP, AFD,PIEFZA and PWA. 

BMIP Ltd is a 50/50 French – Palestinian company, registered in Ramallah with Palestinian partners (50%) represented by Al Mutaadeeda holding chaired by Mr. Samir Hazboun (40%) & FTF Investments chaired by Mr. Sami Abu Dayyeh (10%).  As for the French partners (50%) they are Deska, an Evens group company chaired by Mrs. Corinne Evens (40%), represents the French private sector, and The Agence Française de Développement (10%). BMIP Ltd is open to additional private French & Palestinian investors

The site is located in area A (Totally under Palestinian control), in the vicinity of Bethlehem - in the center of Palestine, between Ramallah, Hebron & Jericho, and near the economic activity of Jerusalem.

The well being of the Palestinian people and employees of companies located on the BMIP in particular, as well as the improvement of the overall social and cultural environment, are to be constituent parts of the BMIP’s ambition.

The Project will be the first eco-park in Palestine and will achieve very high environmental standards.

It should create an economic dynamic that could be set as an example for the creation of other industrial zones in the region.