The Palestinian manufacturing company for tissue paper and hygienic products

The Palestinian manufacturing company for tissue paper and hygienic products. A feasibility study was conducted in 1999 concerning this project and revealed that it is feasible. In 2003, the study was reviewed and further modifications were added. However, it’s been some time since 2003 and extensive analysis had to be done to reflect industry.

Spring is a Palestinian manufacturing company located in the Industrial Zone to the east of Bethlehem. Spring is producing facial tissues, napkins and tissue rolls. It offers households and institutions in the West Bank high quality paper products at competitive prices.

In a second phase, tissue pieces and hygienic products including women's sanitary pads, diapers, wet wipes and hand sanitizers will be produced to meet the increasing demand of target markets.

Primary and secondary research was conducted and findings suggested that this type of products are consumed on a regular basis and are inevitably and endlessly demanded, thus providing Spring a vast opportunity to flourish and compete well in the targeted market. Moreover, Spring will be the first official tissue paper factory in Bethlehem area and since consumers’ trends are shifting towards purchasing national products as a result of campaigns launched to support national Palestinian products and enhance their high quality, an additional support is provided to insure the long-term prosperity of the factory.

The business will compete well in the defined market by offering high-quality products and maintaining excellent reputation with the community. Competition for our offerings in the defined geographic area mainly comes in direct competition.

Spring factory will succeed by offering customers high-quality products and in order to assure a good positioning among competitors, the factory will charge competitive prices per market standards. In addition, an enjoyable and satisfying atmosphere will be internally created that will lead to a productive environment in which the quality desired will be respected. The factory will also focus on meeting the growing needs of the customers and base continuous modifications and development on them.  

Paper and hygienic products are presented as necessity items in markets. Spring intends to position itself as a desirable source of high quality products. This shall be undertaken through use of high quality raw materials and production processes so as to ensure the efficient delivery of quality products. The product strategy will also be based on quality, combined with making the product easily available to the customers. Moreover, it is intended to attract a large portion of the market.