The construction of the Prefabricated Waste Water Treatment Plant in Progress

Under the supervision of the Palestinian Water Authority and in cooperation with the Agence Française De Développement, the Palestinian Industrial Estate and Free Zone (PIEFZA) and under the main consultant for the project Sogreah Groupe Artellia (SGA),the construction of the Prefabricated Waste Water Treatment Plant has started with the expected completion date to be 08/02/2013.

The project which will serve the Phase 1 A which is around 40,000m² of the Bethlehem Industrial Estate since the first investors are being expected to be on site by the beginning of the year 2013, PWA finally proposed to adopt a phasing approach divided in 2 main stages:

First stage: Implement a small mobile prefabricated unit with a capacity of 100 m3/d. This facility will be adaptable to the increase of flows and loads due to the gradually filling of the industrial park over the first months. The small mobile prefabricated WWTP (first stage) is expected to be functioning during the first semester of 2013;

Second stage: Implement a full scale treatment plant with a capacity of around up to 500-1,000 m3/d and a reuse of treated wastewater system. This stage also includes the implementation of the facilities to convey the raw wastewater from the inlet of the prefabricated WWTP to the full scale WWTP. Storm water being drained separately.

 At this stage, it is expected that the off-site facilities will be managed as follows:

·  BMIP for the industrial sewage collection system;

·  Bethlehem Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (WSSA) for the two WWTPs. WSSA is in charge of operating Bethlehem water and domestic sewage collection systems;

·  BMIP for reuse scheme when on the Industrial Zone boundaries. For the reuse scheme outside of the Industrial Zone, the operator is still to be determined.