A delegation from the Palestinian Investment Fund (PIF) headed by Dr. Mohammad Mustafa; Chairman of PIF


A delegation from the Palestinian Investment Fund (PIF) headed by Dr. Mohammad Mustafa; Chairman of PIF, visited Bethlehem Industrial Estate (BIE) Project on Sunday 23/9/2012 upon an invitation from the BIE. The purpose of the visit is to have an idea on the progress of the project and the efforts made by the management of the project to run the Industrial Zone and try to pull the Palestinian Economy out of its current financial crisis.


 Dr. Hazboun (Chairman of BIE) advised: “This visit was arranged  under the supervision of  President Mahmoud Abbas who is very  interested in the industrial sector in the OPT, and it is within the policy of the PIF to develop this sector, which resulted in establishment of the Industrial Zone in Bethlehem.  Further, this visit highlights the importance of studying the opportunities of fruitful future cooperation between both sides in developing the industrial sector and creating jobs.”


In addition, Dr. Hazboun indicated that the first plant is being built  in the Industrial Zone. BIE is negotiating with three local investors to build three other plants, and this will help, for sure, to create jobs and motivate others to invest in this project to develop the local economy and put the efforts to overcome the current economic crisis.


On the other hand, Dr. Mustafa emphasized the importance of the development of the industrial sector and increasing its share in the local economy in order to create jobs. The BIE has done good job till now, but it still needs more support from the PA to accelerate the progress of the project. Moreover, Dr. Mustafa promised to update the stakeholders with all the issues and problems that hinder the progress of the Industrial Zone Project. There are different dynamic mechanisms in marketing and cooperation with the private sector to enhance the work of SMEs within the standards of PIF that maintain the success and development of those institutions.


Dr. Mustafa also send a public message to the stakeholders to take advantage of the current economic crisis  to create an investment climate in the industrial sector. This could be possible through using different initiatives of the Palestinian parties, as well as international studies, and reports in building up a fruitful policy that addresses the main concerns in developing the local economy.


The Governor of Bethlehem clarified that the purpose of this visit is to show  the progress and highlight the importance of acceleration since the infrastructure in the zone is complete.


At the end, the management of the Project accompanied the delegation in a small tour in the Industrial Zone and opened the discussion about the main issues mentioned in the meeting. Finally, Dr. Hazboun thanked the delegation and the Governor of Bethlehem for their visit and their interest to overcome all the obstacles that BIE has been facing and try to move forward in the development of the industrial sector since it is one of the most important sectors in Palestine.