Planning a workshop entitled Bethlehem "a common vision for a promising future."

General Authority for Industrial Cities and Industrial Free Zones Corporation Bethlehem multi-disciplinary industrial area, held a workshop on Tuesday in the administrative building of the industrial zone, called a common vision for the future is promising.

After Nidal Jabari marketing director in the Commission welcomed the attendees, who like all the organizations and bodies of the public sector in Bethlehem, explained that this workshop comes to confirm the need for joint working between the public and private sectors to provide quality service to investors in Bethlehem industrial area.

Through demonstration Mohamed Thekri Showing  a detailed explanation about the industrial city, explaining all the details associated explaining what has reached the external infrastructure and incentives provided by the Palestinian government to investors, followed by Elie Shehadeh, director of the company developed explaining what the company has done for the internal infrastructure development the first stage and the services provided to investors by the company and that such actions will provide between 25% to 35% of the investment value to investors.

Shehadeh said that the company's vision for the future and clear to the needs of investors and working with the public sector to provide what is needed to create the appropriate operational environment, taking into account the competitive strength necessary for such facilities locally and internationally.

 Shehadeh said he is currently industrial constituent has started since more than 5 months distributes its products in domestic markets and that there is tow Institution  will finish construction and begin production at the beginning of next year, adding that the company is about to sign several agreements with the Palestinians, investors in the near future if they complete all technical requirements for the crisis and ensure that the operation and occupancy of the first phase of the region in full in the middle of next year.

Shehadeh  praised the role of the Palestinian public sector and the French in the direct provision of incentives to investors because of its positive impact in the development of industry and industrial sector in the areas of Palestine.

And concluded the work of the workshop to answer questions from the audience.
And that this workshop comes as part of joint efforts between the government and the private sector in order to promote the industrial city and ensuring the operation to achieve the primary goal of empowering Palestinian factories and operation of labor, which comes as part of orientation Palestinian government and the private sector in order to support the industrial sector and the national economy.