Mr. Frederic Desagneaux, le Consul Géneral de France, visits BIE premises

The Board of BMIP Co. invited the Consul General of France (Frederic Desagneaux), and Director of French Agency for Development (AFD) Mr. Hervé Conan, to visit the Bethlehem Industrial Estate (BIE) to present for them the latest activities made by the company. The purpose of the invitation was also to cooperate with them in attracting more investors and foreign companies to invest in the BIE which was established in cooperation with the French party.

The chairman of the board of BMIP Dr. Samir Hazboun, the board members, and the project manager Mr. Elie Shehadeh briefed the consul about the activities and process of developments in the BIE, especially the plans that were implemented such as; electricity network, water, infrastructure of the zone and internal roads. Further, Dr. Hazboun announced that the building of the first factory started few weeks ago despite the bad economic situation. Moreover, Dr. Hazboun notified them about the loan request submitted to the Palestinian Nationality Authority and the related arrangements regarding this issue,taking in consideration that the company prepared the required engineering team who will supervise the process of building and operating the factories.

In spite of the economic crisis in the OPT, there are many initiatives from the Palestinians to use their national resources in investing in this project beside the initiatives from the French partner. In addition, Dr. Hazboun said that what is required at this stage is to get help from the French party in the infrastructure due to the difficulties that the company has been facing  in this aspect.

The Palestinian investors briefed the consul and the director of AFD about their  achievements so far; Mr. Jeries Qarra’a said that his factory will be ready to work and operate the production lines at the beginning of next year, while Mr. Jihad Jebrini praised the efforts dedicated by the AFD and the French government in the sake of this project , the fact that gave motivation for the Palestinians and foreigners to move forward in investing in the BIE.

The consul general of France Mr. Frederic Desagneaux advised gave him a clear idea of  what has been accomplished on the field, and expressed his persistence to strengthen the relationship between the French party and the private and public sector in Palestine.

The director of AFD Mr. Harve Conan was pleased to see the progress of building of the first factory in the BIE, and advised that this is a concrete proof that the project which is backed by France and the private sector of France and Palestine is moving forward, and for sure will create job opportunities, and will accomplish its objectives to develop the Palestinian economy.

Mr. Conan confirmed that the AFD will continue attracting more companies from abroad, and will keep trying to create opportunities for cooperation between France and Palestine.